Packing List for Sri Lanka Trip

Photo by  STIL  on  Unsplash

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

My Packing List

1 DAY!

Tomorrow I am finally traveling to Sri Lanka after almost a year of planning it.

My friend is getting married in Colombo on November 23rd and before that I am doing a little tour of the country and relaxing for two days on the beach in Negombo. During the tour I will be visiting temples, climbing the Sigiriya rock, doing a jeep safari in a National Park and more. I already wrote an article about my itinerary so check it here. And see below for a little map of my trip. 

I have been spending the past few days trying to decide what to pack. It is always the same dilemma: I don’t want to pack too much yet I want to have enough options. I also have to take into consideration the weather. It is going to be hot and humid. Very humid by the looks of it. At this time of the year there can be quite a lot of rainfall, especially in the cultural triangle (center) where I will be spending a few days.

My Travel Gear


I am going for light and comfy. Pretty much all of my clothes match with one another so it will be easy to mix and match outfits. Of course I am not forgetting the rain jacket. A pair of trainers, sandals and small heels for the wedding. By the way my outfit for the wedding is pretty simple, a black jumpsuit, a soft pink blazer and, as I said, comfortable sandals with a small heel. The key word here is comfortable. We are going to two ceremonies (Christian and Buddhist) and then the reception, so I don’t want to feel bothered by my outfit in any way. I am also bringing a long dress for my beach days, a swimsuit and a sun hat. All of my clothes are packed in packing cubs which makes it so much easier to organize my things.


  • My vitamins

  • Anti turista medicine

  • Bug spray

  • Tissues (can be used as toilet paper just in case)

  • Hand sanitizer

  • A book

  • Vegan snacks

  • A small umbrella


  • For shower gel I have a travel size Dr Bronner’s bottle which I also use to wash my clothes on the go. 

  • Shampoo & conditionner

  • Cleanser, serum & moisturizer

  • Body lotion

  • Pawpaw cream - always useful

  • Make up & tinted sunscreen for my face

  • Sunscreen

  • Safety razor


Tip: I add a cedar wood block inside my suitcase to keep my clothes smelling fresh.

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