“Dumplin’” - Movie Review

Find Out Who You Are And Do It On Purpose

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Directed by Anne Fletcher

Written by Kristin Hahn based on a novel by Julie Murphy

With Danielle Macdonald, Jennifer Aniston, Odeya Rush…

Teen comedy “Dumplin’”, directed by Ann Fletcher, hits all the sweet spots with a feel good and heart-warming movie about self acceptance and tolerance while celebrating female friendships. 

Irrepressible Willowdean, a.k.a. Will, (Danielle Macdonald) is the plus-size teenage daughter of a former beauty queen, Rosie (Jennifer Aniston), who runs the local Miss Teen Bluebonnet contest. Rosie calls her daughter by the unflattering nickname Dumplin’. 

As a form of protest against the pageant and the preconceived idea of beauty Will decides to enter the contest with her best friend Ellen (Odeya Rush). Two other unconventional contestants follow in her footsteps to revolutionize the pageant — Millie (Maddie Baillio) sunny plus-sized schoolmate who had wanted to enter the contest since she was a kid, and edgy feminist Hannah (Bex Taylor-Klaus). 

Will was mostly raised by her aunt Lucy who introduced her to her idol Dolly Parton, a love affair that stuck with her niece. But with Lucy passing away, Will and her mother have a difficult time connecting and communicating. So, Will finds comfort from the drag queen Dollys who help her regain confidence in herself. 

“Dumplin’” touches on Will’s romance with coworker Bo (Luke Benward) but doesn’t let it overpower the film which is nice. Instead the movie focuses on the female relationships, self discovery, body image and self acceptance. 

Will wanted to start a rebellion but instead finds that she has more in common with the girls than she thought. They are all women and they should support each other. It really is a movie about finding out who you are and doing it on purpose. 

Overall, I found the film very relatable and enjoyable to watch with a great soundtrack by the one and only Dolly Parton. It encourages you to be kinder to yourself and to others.

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