About me

Hello and thank you for stopping on my website. My name is Camille, I am french and I have two passions in my life: cinema & traveling.

I couldn’t decide on just one topic to focus on on this website so I have a blog for both. In my travel blog you will find articles about my travels of course and travel tips.

In the cinema blog I will review movies, write movie lists and talk about anything related to cinema, including festivals and award ceremonies.

A bit about me: I am french but I have lived many years in different countries. I studied in the United States, in Wisconsin, and after graduation moved to England for a bit. Then I got a job in California and moved back to the US. After that I traveled to Australia on a working holiday visa for 10 months. And now after 10 years of being away I am back in France living in the south. But who knows for how long :)